While it is clear that entrepreneurship requires a great a variety of traits, there is not a “perfect recipe” that can guarantee success to anyone. In the grand scheme of things, however, I have been able to identify that self-confidence is a key trait that every entrepreneur must have and must learn to develop.

Although not everybody is born being self-confident, anyone can learn this skill through discipline and practice. Two ways to boost your confidence are by reading books and listening to self-development coaches, podcasts, etc. In terms of books I would recommend reading biographies/auto-biographies and psychological studies, if you don’t know where to start you can check out my personal reading list, and start with any of those books. As far as listening goes I would definitely recommend the How I Built This Podcast from NPR. The link to this podcast and others that I recommend can be found here.

The key point about boosting your confidence is very simple, listen and learn from successful people. When you listen, read and learn about the lives of successful people you understand that every successful person is as human as you and I.  As a matter of fact there is nothing special or abnormal about people of great success; the only thing that set them apart is their exceptional level of commitment and confidence about their dreams and goals.

Confidence if you think about it is so important that the economies of the world depend on it. Fiat money for example is entirely based and held by the confidence that the people have on it. The point is: when you are confident about yourself, other people will also be confident about you. If you are confident that your product, your job or whatever you do is of optimal quality that is exactly what others will perceive. On the other hand if you are confident about your goals, dreams, etc. you will work harder and smarter to make them a reality.

To your success!