Getting noticed on the job often leads to bonuses, perks or promotions. These three things are certainly worth working towards, aren’t they? That being said, there’s a right way and a wrong way to get noticed. The following tips will get you started.

Be On Time

If you make a habit of getting to work on time or getting projects done ahead of schedule, it’s sure to grab the attention of your boss and/or co-workers. Make sure you always allow plenty of travel time in the morning. This helps to ensure you won’t be late in the event of a mishap such as heavy traffic or being delayed by a train.

Use a day planner or calendar app to track your schedule so that you can manage your time effectively and get things done as efficiently as possible.

Go Above and Beyond

As you work toward completing an on-the-job project, look for ways that you can go the extra mile. Even if takes a bit more effort, contributing more than was expected on a project is sure to make you stand out among the crowd.

In addition, think of ways you can bring your skills and experiences to the table in order to help with problem solving. This shows you are resourceful and capable of getting the job done right the first time.

Stay Busy

If people notice you lingering around the office without anything to do, it will probably attract the wrong kind of attention. Make sure you always have something to do, even if regular work activities are slow. Asking your manager or co-workers what you can assist with during periods of downtime is highly recommended.

Focusing on busy work makes the day go by faster and proves you’re a dedicated worker. You might even learn something new in the process.

Be Courteous to Co-Workers

Helping out your co-workers when they are in need is a sure way to get some positive attention on the job. Talk to the people you work with throughout the day. If they are willing, attempt to get to know them better. Not only can you end up making new friends, you’ll also gain the reputation as someone who is helpful and a good listener.

Keep Up Your Appearance

Many people are generally aware of the amount of attention you spend on your personal appearance. Even if your job isn’t customer service related, people will be more likely to take you seriously if you take care to maintain yourself and your wardrobe.

Your clothing should always be in accordance with any dress code your employer has put into place. Clean and wrinkle-free garments are an absolute must as well.

Co-workers also tend to pay attention to your demeanor. Wearing a smile and having a good attitude can go a long way towards someone forming a positive opinion of you. As silly as it may seem, if you find it hard to maintain a pleasant demeanor, practice smiling in a mirror. Believe it or not, it usually helps!

Now that we’ve given a few tips on how to get noticed the right way, it’s time to take action. Just think – if all goes well, you could be enjoying job-related perks or a promotion before you know it.