Think about motivation, what is yours. I know that there are different motivators for different things in our lives. Let’s talk about some basic motivations, and how to get ourselves farther down the road of being an entrepreneur.

What does it mean to be hungry? We could look at it from a basic physical standpoint, that when we’re hungry we want to eat.

Needs – Survival

Needs are anything that a person actually needs to survive; this, as we know, is not much. So why is there such a disparity between those who have and those who don’t? The answer is so simple that it constantly escapes us. People are different! What each person is willing to accept as what they have and so very important what they want & deserve is also very different. Learning to transmute what you want into what you need is key, and will be talked about in another post.

  1. Write down 2 things you cannot live without.
  2. Write down two things you want & cannot stop thinking about.
  3. Think about the difference of these four things.

Desires – Things outside of ourselves

One level up from the basic need for sustenance, is the desire for something. Desire can be directed, it also can be destructive. Check your desire to your ecosystem: Is it going to improve the environment for you, your family, your co-workers, your company? How many people will it affect? That being said, you must always be true to your “balanced – Body Mind & Spiritual self.” I will share more on this in another post.

A person may have a desire for:

  1. A life partner
  2. A new position at work
  3. Better health
  4. Or anything you desire.

Drive – Internal Will 

What do we mean when we say someone has Drive, or they are driven? Well, sometimes we observe a person who just does their best all the time. In the work-a-day world these people are often shunned by their peers. They are called suck-ups, brown-nosers, but these people are truly the ones that get things done in business. They are the ones who automatically climb the ladder and get the promotions that no one knows about. These people are desired by all business owners. This group may attain the status of being called an intrapreneur, This will be the height that they can attain working for someone else. This is a very good place to operate from, especially for those who do not want to be a business owner , or be an entrepreneur; these two are different. (I am not in full agreement of the dictionary’s definition of entrepreneur.) We will discuss that in another post.

Entrepreneurialistic Behavior – The Crazy Ones

Everything listed previously in this article, Entrepreneurs have innately. Entrepreneurs not only Start, Operate, & Grow businesses, they also innately help to grow people. Entrepreneurs will always surround themselves with productive people, to get the task done as efficiently and effectively as possible. An entrepreneur’s main goal is always to fill a need, and serve the customer. All of this brings a great benefit to society, because there would be no business without entrepreneurs, this fact is something we need to remember when as see more and more people asking for help for things they can do for themselves, and handouts when they could go fourth and make a life for themselves. The more handouts the governments give the more they will take from people who are productive.

These days with all the social media, and the interconnectedness of the world on the web, we know anything in instant. Many times, as we’re developing ourselves and our businesses, we look only to large examples, the great businesses that have been built by entrepreneurs, that generate billions and hundreds of billions of dollars: these are not a very good example for most of us.

Get out into your community, meet local entrepreneurs that have 1 to 10 people in their business, find out what they do, find out the mistakes they have made, asked them what they would do differently, find out what motivates them. Then go forward and build what you want to and need to build.

1. Needs

2. Desires

3. Drive

4. Entrepreneurialistic behavior.