Key No 1, Listening:1452043071_Headphones
By listening to people you can accomplish a broader understanding of their needs, their concerns, the things they love and the things they despise. The real value of listening is that you are able to understand people better, what problems they have and ultimately become part of the solution. After all, solving problems is what entrepreneurs get paid for, don’t they?

Key No 2, Reading1452042926_Bookmark
Reading is a way to clear your mind, to get new ideas, to raise your self esteem, etc. Reading will not only help you with your personal development but it will also make you more competitive and more wealthy.
Try reading at least one book per month on finances, investment or personal development you’ll be surprised how your life is going to change. Here’s my reading list if you dont have one of your own!

Key No 3, Writing1452042940_EditDocument
Writing affects your subconsciousness. When you write you reaffirm what you have read, heard, seen or thought. By writing you make the information retrievable. Information that is not retrievable is useless says Dr. Mike Murdock. Another great benefit of writing things out is the ability to share or transfer information easily with others. I recommend writing a blog to share your ideas with the world!

Key No 4, Action1452043143_Plane
Action creates momentum. In other words get yourself up and start doing because by just wishing you’ll get no where!

All image credits: Recep Kütük/Iconfinder