Every entrepreneur makes mistakes from which they could profit. One major mistake I’ve done and that I’ve seen hundreds of people doing is the belief that knowing more will make you successful. As a matter of fact more information  doesn’t make you any better off unless you put into practice what you’ve learnt.

Reading more, going to conferences, seminars, listening to podcasts, etc. none of these will make you a successful person. Information is the raw material for creating success but unless you have the motivation to start implementing and doing what you know you’ll get no where.

How can you avoid falling into the trap of believing that knowing more will make you better off? You can start by evaluating what small improvements you’ve made within yourself or your surroundings on a daily basis. Dr. Mike Murdock had it right when he said “if I am today what I was yesterday I’ve learnt nothing”. In other words if you have lots of information but you do nothing about it, its equal to knowing nothing at all.

Always remember, you must do!