Very few people realize of it but every day we do or say things that hurt others. It doesn’t matter if it was 2 days ago or two years ago, the things we do or don’t do or say can leave great scars in the hearts of people. I’m not the exception, I too have done many deeds which have hurt others, I’ve made promises that I have not fulfilled and I’ve said words that aren’t nice. This letter by itself may seem a little odd or unnecessary but from personal experience I can tell that there is no better thing for the healing of the soul than to honestly apologize for all the hurting you have done.
From the bottom of my heart if I have hurt you I honestly apologize;
I apologize for breaking your heart,
I apologize for saying things that weren’t nice,
I apologize for not keeping the promises that I made to you,
I apologize for the things that I didn’t do.

12241601_10153346356043460_6759217582478505083_nI apologize for being rude,
I apologize because I didn’t listen when you needed it most,
I apologize for the words that I didn’t spoke,
I apologize because I left you alone.

I apologize for taking advantage of your feelings,
I apologize for my lack of honesty,
I apologize for my selfishness and my lack of empathy,
From the bottom of my heart if I have hurt you I honestly apologize.

I could make an endless list of things that I’ve done wrong to hurt others, but today I’ll just say that if ever I did, or did not or say anything that hurt you I honestly apologize. Was it two days ago, was it 5 years ago? I don’t know. Wherever you are and whoever you maybe I honestly apologize.

My hope is that you find peace the way I’ve found it today!


Ervin Liz