Being an entrepreneur is an exciting yet treacherous path or at least that’s what I can say from personal experience. Thus far in my life I’ve been able to talk and listen to great entrepreneurs including Norm Brodsky, Robert Kiyosaki and Evelyn Echols to name a few, and I can assure you they all claim the same. Entrepreneurship is a tough path but if you learn to leverage your talents, quickly adapt to changes and take full advantage of the available resources you’ll most likely make it as an entrepreneur. The best part of being an entrepreneur are ironically the very same things that makes it a challenge. Entrepreneurs for instance love using their full potential solving problems, helping other people and simply getting things done! Regular people would get stuck or simply complain about when they see a problem, entrepreneurs, however see opportunities in “problems” and they will do anything to solve if its worth a while doing it.

The truth after all is that no one can ever know for sure how easy or tough it is to be an entrepreneur unless you try it yourself. This is indeed the case with Mr. Liviu Voicu, a successful entrepreneur who felt his “abilities and skills were being underused” when he was still an employee at EY so he decided to “take the risk” and become an entrepreneur himself.  Mr. Liviu is now the owner of Elite Gym and interior design company Deco Nuevo, Tenerife, Spain. In my opinion had he not flew out of his “golden cage” he would be still earning the same amount, being “underused” and lacking freedom to do the things he truly loves.

Before we go any further here are some words of wisdom Mr. Liviu shared with me and now I am honored to bestow upon you:

– Have courage; practice faith

– Get out of your comfort zone

– Do something every single day that will get you closer to achieving your goals

– Go out and meet people; try to be of help

On his visit to the Entrepreneurship class at Luther College Mr. Liviu shared many entrepreneurial insights, which I personally found very valuable and worth a while meditating upon. His thoughts may also be of value to you and perhaps they will help you succeeding as an entrepreneur.

  • No effort is ever too big if you genuinely want to accomplish something. In my opinion this is the best quote, it reminded me of another quote that I learnt watching a TV series which says “A man is never too weak or too wounded to fight if the cause is greater than his own life” This means that in entrepreneurship nothing is intrinsically easy or difficult but what you want them to be .
  • When you are doing a business you must learn and adapt or go bankrupt. This is absolutely true for companies in any industry, a classic example of a company that went bankrupt due to their failure to adapt was Kodak. Kodak a 100+ year-old company saw the threat of digital photography as early as the  80’s but hesitated to adapt to the new technologies and finally ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2012
  • Entrepreneurship is a matter of mindset, against other people and against yourself. You must overcome fear and get things done! As an entrepreneur you’ll frequently find people opposing to your ideas or simply beings jealous at you.  On the other hand since we are all humans we all have doubts and disbelieves, sometimes we feel like giving up and so on. Managing the fear of criticism and failure is therefore the ultimate step to succeed as an entrepreneur.
  • Get feedback from customer and make them feel important. If they feel like they matter they will last longer, give them a sense of friendship or family. Who can know better what they want but the customers themselves. We all have assumptions but if we want to succeed as entrepreneurs testing our assumptions is a key step to succeed in any industry.
  • Business is all about trust, the customer expects you to offer the best service he or she can possibly get. There are indeed many stories about customer loyalty and the ultimate reason for that is trust. The customer can always find a different and perhaps better provider but if they feel that they matter to your business they will most certainly come back as was the case with some customers of Mr. Liviu.

Liviu Voicu on management Liviu Voicu on management Liviu Voicu on management

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