Every week the Entrepreneurship class at Luther College is visited by a successful entrepreneur who shares key insights and experiences with the students. Kevin Langley was our guest speaker in last week’s class. Kevin is the Co-Founder and CEO of Ellis Construction, which is a provider of  high-quality, professional construction services to the commercial building industry. Please visit their website for more information. Kevin is also an excellent public speaker and a leadership advocate who “disregards economic value when it comes to mentoring and grooming young entrepreneurs all across the globe”. Kevin’s address to the class was very informative and enriching, this article is a synthesis of his core ideas.

  1. Money doesn’t change people it enables them to be who they really are.
  2. Success is subjective, nonetheless successful people show specific traits and characteristics. Successful people often have a clear understanding of their personal core values, their visions and their mission in life.
  3. Entrepreneurs create jobs.
  4. Everybody is smart, but are you  really using all your abilities?
  5. Know how to lead yourself so you can lead other people.

Regularly I would discuss every point, this time, however I’d like the reader to make his/her own conclusions. Are this insights punctual? Are they worth sharing? you decide.

Once again the special thanks got to Tim Schweizer for making this class possible!

Kevin Langley talks to a selected group of students
Kevin talks to a selected group of students. Credit: Evan Sowder
Kevin Langley addressing the class
Kevin addressing the class. Credit: Evan Sowder
More than 60 students and staff joined the Entrepreneurship class
More than 60 students and staff joined the Entrepreneurship class